The 90 Day Consciously Strong System

Helping busy women lose fat + build muscle and 2-3x their energy without giving up time & connection with their families.

Consciously Creating Strength


Push, pull, squat, hinge, loaded carry; everything you do with your body is a variation, or combination, of these 5 fundamental human movement patterns. Training these movement patterns, in the right way, with the right program, is key to achieving your goals, whatever they may be.


Healthy nutrition starts with understanding your relationship with food and your body,
hormones, and behaviors. Learning what your body requires, seeing your rhythms
and routines, and intentionally fostering good habits are great tools for lasting change.


The mind and the body have a synergistic relationship; they are forever connected and to train one you must also train the other. Learn how awareness (of self and others), breath, and intentional thoughts and behaviors can help move you closer to your goals.


LAUREN TAYLOR is a strength coach and nutrition specialist.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, a minor in Nutrition, as well as is Precision Nutrition Level 1 certification.

Lauren has a passion for human movement with an emphasis on gaining strength. She understands the importance of diet, exercise, sleep, and stress on a person’s ability to increase their strength. She has seen the impact of gaining strength and how it correlates to happier, healthier, and more connected individuals. It is a combination of time spent as an athlete and working in long-term care facilities that drive her holistic approach, placing intention and mindfulness at the pinnacle of every program.

Lauren specializes in increasing ‘everyday strength’ using kettlebells, barbells, bodyweight, and the occasional strongman implements.

What is ‘everyday strength’?

  • It is the strength required to live your every day.
  • It’s the ability to climb up and down as many stairs as desired without pain
  • Its ability to get onto and off of the floor
  • It’s the ability to pick up kids, grandkids, or other items off the ground
  • It’s being able to support your own body weight, and then some.

Can you imagine what else you could do if the tasks in your day-to-day became easier?

Your New Practice

We focus on the whole person, provide feedback and accountability, and work with you to make the heavy stuff feel light.

Conscious Rewire aims to help you add health habits into your life in a way that gives you time, energy, and enjoyment.

We don’t aim to take the stress out of life; we learn how to grow and recover from the stress of life.

— Lauren Taylor