There are many different things a person can eat. I’m not here to tell you exactly what to eat, rather bring up some things to pay attention to when you do, or do not, eat.

  • How does your body feel after eating certain foods?
  • What are your bowels and joints telling you about the meal you just ate?
  • Why do you choose the foods you’re eating?

These are all great questions to get you started. It’s not about finding your ‘perfect’ diet so you’ll never feel bad, gain weight, or binge again, but more about accepting where you are and finding ways to make your diet “just a little bit better” than it was yesterday.


In our current society of food abundance we’ve long passed the point of only eating because we’re hungry and require sustenance.

Getting to the root of WHY we’re eating can help us create a better relationship with food and our bodies. It’s okay to eat when you are:

  • stressed
  • when you’re with company
  • for entertainment
  • for the enjoyment
  • even for the tuning out
    • ESPECIALLY when we can acknowledge it for what it is when it’s occurring.


Eating; your relationship with food and your body, hormones, and behaviors.


Awareness, discipline, feedback


Easy, effective, and lasting change.


*Eating is one of the few things that stays with us through our entire lifetime, in some form.


Different people eat at different times and that’s okay.

  • What else is going on in your life that you choose to do instead of eat?
  • What times in your life, or activities that you do, do you choose to eat instead of
    engage in?

Paying attention to your rhythms and routines can help you get a better handle on your eating habits. If you know you have a stressful day, or week, coming up, take some time beforehand to prepare.

Taking the time to prepare your food for the coming days can help you focus on what’s going on in your life instead of what you’re going to eat and how you’re going to squeeze it in.


Next time you reach for that comfort food when you’re feeling stressed, try saying out loud “I’m going to eat this, whatever it is, because I’m stressed and I want some comfort”.

  • Take note if that changes your relationship with that food item, the situation at hand, or how you feel about it before, during, or after the fact.