What: Bringing conscious thought, or focus, to the practice of increasing movement ability.

How: Reminders, checks, communication with self and others.

Why: We’re constantly thinking about something; use your thoughts to your advantage in the practice of skill acquisition.

Actions follow thoughts.

Connecting the brain: our minds and our bodies are connected, for better or for worse. Once you accept that you can start to hone your ability to shape how you feel. I’m not saying you’ll never feel bad, or sad, or angry, or frustrated again, as those are natural human emotions, but rather, you can take note and move on that much quicker.

While it’s not possible to only feel positive emotions all the time, it is possible to get more enjoyment out of your positive times, spend less time in your negative times, and get more of what you want accomplished overall.

The mind and the body have a synergistic relationship.


Next time your mind isn’t feeling great try moving your body.

  • Go for a walk,

  • stand up from your chair a few times in a row, or

  • spend a couple minutes stretching or lifting something heavy.

Take note of how your mind feels after you do.


next time your body isn’t feeling great try thinking the thought (saying to yourself, out loud or in your head)

“I feel healthy, strong, and capable”

repeatedly for a few minutes. Set a timer (for 1, 3, or 5 minutes) if you have one nearby.

See if this shifts how your body feels.

Humans are amazing creatures who are adaptable, resilient, and strong. Often, it’s our self talk and limiting behaviours that gets in the way of achieving what we want to achieve. Take some time to write down some strength goals, even if they feel like they’re unattainable. Do you want to hike up a mountain? Deadlift double your body weight? walk up, and down, a whole flight on stairs with no pain? Have the confidence that you can get up off the floor, if needed?

Whatever it is, write it down.

Once that’s done, post it somewhere you can see it every day.

Now it’s time for the mind to shift. Every time you see that note say, out loud, ‘yes, I can do this’.

Now, start working towards it.